Stay self cared up 

Being a 20 something year old woman in 2017 comes with its own unique and often very surprising challenges . But one thing that I’m always grateful for is the ability to love myself in a world that often doesn’t allow us too. 

I’m a black woman approaching my 30s and that alone comes with its own kind of anxiety.But in true honesty one thing growing up has done for me was give me the self confidence I have right now which I did not have as teenager.
We live in what I would perceive the most judgmental era. I’ve come to learn that self care and self love has been a vital part of my everyday life , I do have my flaws and days”I don’t feel beautiful” but I never have days where I would physically not want to be me . 
I’ve realized that the greatest thing about being myself is seeing myself progress,changing,learning and implementing all of that in my everyday life in order to be the best version of myself. 

Caring for yourself can mean different things for everyone .My version is , a cup of good coffee at my favourite coffee spot , or going book hunting at the best 2nd hand book store I know or even switching of my phone and treating myself to my favourite spa for the day. No matter how you make yourself feel whole again , do it . Do it often 

In my unprofessional opinion this is what self care does for/to you:

1. You kinder

2. You learn patience 

3.You become a better listener

4. You comfortable in your skin 

5. You take constructive criticism 
6. You don’t conform to people’s standards
7. You appreciate beauty 
8. Nature makes you feel some type of way 
9. You can put your phone off and still survive 
10. You love better 

    Self care tip : So basically even if you don’t do yoga . BREATHE often . Do things for yourself at least once a week no matter how small or big and then than live creating yourself daily ❤

    What are the things you do to stay self cared up ?! Tell us more about 


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